Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Back to Boots

It's incredible what you can buy for babies these days.

Vanessa sent me back to Boots at lunchtime today for two things - a packet of swim pants and a bottle of Infacol. Unfortunately I came out without the Infacol (which, if you don't know and I obviously didn't until ten weeks ago, helps with "baby wind").

However, the swim pants are great. Again, something I didn't previously know you could buy (until yesterday), you simply put these on your Jamie and then you can take him to the swimming pool. Fantastic!

"Boots disposable swim pants pull on easily and help to contain poo while swimming or playing in water," boasts the packet. "The absorbent core protects from small accidents before getting into the water, but does not swell up like a normal nappy once in the water." So now you (and I) know.

The plan is to take him swimming when we go to Northern Ireland in a couple of weeks' time, so more of that then. But, needless to say, I'm rather amused at the prospect.

The reason I forgot the Infacol was because I got distracted by the many other exciting items you can see above - after I bought them.

At the top centre is a pair of baby nail clippers. We already have a pair of baby scissors but we're not having a lot of success with them in terms of cutting his nails so why not try the clippers? No reason at all, thought I, so they went in the basket.

Below these are a pack of Milton Surface Wipes. These might seem a bit dull but get this: you can use them to wipe your Jamie's dummy when it falls on the floor. Brilliant - so I was having them too.

On their right is, obviously enough, a "Baby On Board" sign. Yes, I know these is a bit nerdy but there's a hidden agenda on this one. I'm about to start driving lessons again soon and this, coupled with my 'L' plates, might just encourage nasty drivers not to parp me as much as they might ordinarily do. Well worth £1.99 of anyone's money, I'd say, and certainly ours. Plus, it has "Child On Board" written on the other side so it's got longevity.

In the top left hand corner is the second best item I bought, a Floating Bath Thermometer in the shape of a whale. As it would be, clearly.

The actual thermometer bit - the black rectangular shape you can see in the pic - has three little squares, one containing a minus sign, one a tick and one a plus sign. What you do is put the whale into your Jamie's bathwater, ensuring the thermometer bit is covered. If the minus sign glows after 20 seconds, the water is too cold for him, and if the plus sign glows, it's too hot. But if it's the tick appears, you're ready to begin the splashing.

We've actually just tried it out and it works well but there also appears to be a downside. As ever, I'll explain. Vanessa got the water sorted until the tick appeared and then I plunked our little man into the water. Job's a good 'un.

What we didn't bargain for was Jamie's sudden desire to impersonate an actual whale. Just a few seconds after getting in, a fountain of water suddenly shot high into the air - in the style of Moby Dick himself - landing on Vanessa's top. Then, after a short pause, we had a repeat performance, this time all over her trousers. This has never happened before so it's obvious his inspiration came from the whale. Maybe next time we'll put him in a pair of his new swim pants.

One more thing, the eagle-eyed amongst may have spotted a Boots bag in the bottom right- hand corner of the photograph. You might also have noticed that, whilst I referred to the whale as my second favourite item bought today, I haven't yet mentioned my favourite.

Well, the Boots bag contains my absolute favourite purchase but I'm not going to show or tell you what it is until next Friday (12th), the day before we go to Northern Ireland. It's something you or I would normally expect to take on holiday, but perhaps you wouldn't expect a baby to do so.

Jamie and you are, I hope, in for a fun surprise.


  1. I know whats in that bag, its my Birthday present!!!!!! (my birthday is on the 12th!!)

    Another way to test the temperature of bath water is by dipping your elbow in, ,you'll soon know if its too hot or too cold, and its a cheaper one too!!!!!

    Love to all RAchel xx

  2. Ah, but the money's spent now (on the whale that is)!!

    And I couldn't possible comment about what's in the bag...