Thursday, 11 September 2008

Boys' night in

Vanessa went off to a "candle party" tonight which she has since best described as "a modern day Tupperware party. With candles."

I was obviously very sad to miss that one.

My huge disappointment at not receiving an invite was initially lessened by the fact that Jamie and I would have the opportunity to hold our first ever boys' night in.

But, our evening now over, I would have to say that junior could've done better.

Whilst I appreciate the fact he's not yet on to solids, I thought he could at least have tried his steak.

He wasn't interested in the rules of poker. And, perhaps worst of all, didn't touch his whiskey.

Thank goodness the stripper didn't turn up.

Tomorrow, Daddy back at work, he can return to his mother's arms.

But I cannot help but think - opportunity wasted.

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