Monday, 22 September 2008

Up with the kids

Still more than a little under the weather which is why earlier tonight Vanessa and I did the obvious thing - and joined the gym. More of that another time.

But with regard to our holiday, it was - as ever when we cross the Irish Sea - very hectic and not in the least bit restful.

That is not in any way meant as a slight on anyone we met up with. Far from it. But there were just so many people to see or, to put it another way, just so many people who wanted to see Jamie (Mummy and Daddy now know their lowly place).

Top of the list were his new cousins Katie and Sebastian, pictured with him above.

The two of them have been very keen to hear all about our little man since his recent arrival and it was therefore a pleasure to do the introductions the Saturday before last.

One of the highlights of our trip was Sebastian's agreement, shortly before we departed for home, to be one of Jamie's two Godfathers.

Anyone who read my London Marathon blog from earlier this year will know all about Sebastian's bravery after he was diagnosed with congenital heart disease shortly after birth.

We've no doubt he will prove to be an excellent role model for Jamie (which is welcome, given the opposite effect my mate John, his other intended Godfather, is likely to have on him).

I'll tell you a bit more about our trip tomorrow. In the meantime, have you ever noticed how much Coronation Street's Liz McDonald now resembles Big Bird from Sesame Street?

I did tonight and, as Roy Walker used to beseech contestants to do on Catchphrase, "say what you see." So I have.

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  1. Hi White Family,

    Glad you had a lovely Hols, we have missed the daily update!!!! The Bentleys are now on holiday, with Ruby the dog!! so will catch up when they get back, must arrange for you to come over to us for supper one evening, will be in touch, in the mean time get out your diaries and see whan you have a free evening love to you all Rachel xxxx