Sunday, 7 September 2008

To pee or not to pee

The 2008 Leeds Half Marathon has been run and I finished it in a personal best time of 1 hour 47 minutes and 29 seconds (according to my watch). Happy with that.

The race itself was fairly uneventful. Indeed, for me, the two most memorable moments came before the gun sounded.

First was seeing my old friend and fellow Coleraine man Paul Gaile in the warm-up area. Unlike me, Paul is actually a very good runner and completed this year's London Marathon in well under three hours - a superhuman feat in my book.

Second was in the toilet area where dozens of runners has scurried off to for a final "visit" in advance of the off. There were two queues, one for "Men" and one for "Unisex" which everyone sort of assumed meant women but who can say these days.

Anyway, I didn't really need to go but decided to have a wee try (get it?!) nonetheless. However, when I got there, the "Men" queue wasn't moving too quickly so I began to wonder whether I might not be better getting back to the start line.

But, without warning, a fellow competitor suddenly appeared along the line to announce the following: "This queue seems to be for both pees and poos. There is something of a demand for the poo cubicles at the moment, but if you just need a pee then go on through."

No-one moved for a couple of seconds before a few of us began to shuffle forward towards what we were assured were several vacant urinals (true, as it turned it). Meanwhile, those who remained in what can only be described as the "number two queue" stood where they were, staring at the ground. Most bizarre and very amusing. In fact, had I not had my pee at the promised vacant urinal a few seconds later, I might've had trouble keeping it in.

I'm off for a shower shortly before Vanessa, Jamie and I head over to Grandma Judy and Grandad Mike's for Sunday tea.

The bad news is that Dagenham Dave is going to be there. He was true to form on Friday night and made my head hurt. Bless him.

The good news is that, along with baby Oliver, Auntie Hannah will be there too - fresh from her drumming gig yesterday afternoon at a home for the bewildered.

I will try to behave when I'm asking her about it but, I'll tell you now, it isn't going to be easy.


  1. Barry, glad you bumped into Paul, it is a small world!!!

    On another note, Garry and i were supposed to join you for the Half marathon today, well not actually runit , but as volunteers. You see we are supporters of tthe Andres Gift charity. Ages ago we signed up to be water station marshalls, but when it all tranpired, today was also the day for our rugby club registration, and as secretary, i had to be there to do the job!!!!!!

    So sorry you didnt have the delights of the Phillips's smiley faces thrusting water bottles at you , but hope it was some other nice person instead.

    Congratulations on an amazing time, well done,
    Rachel Garry Mollie and Tom xx

  2. Thanks Rachel, I'm feeling it now!