Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Are you looking at them?

Northern Ireland doesn't have a reputation for spawning violent individuals...OK, maybe we'll put that comment in the box marked "debatable."

However, we've moved on a bit in recent years which makes violence and violent people all the more shocking wherever and whenever they appear.

Above you can see my mate Andy, the former Mayor of Larne.  Beside him is Fiona, sister of my mate Big Sean.

They look perfectly respectable, don't they?  

But both of them are in fact savages.

In the name of charity, the pair have recently surrendered to the new phenomenon of "White Collar Boxing" in which two seemingly balanced and well-bred individuals climb into a public ring and fight each other until one starts to cry.

Andy was first between the ropes last month when, in aid of a gorgeous little girl requiring specialist medical treatment, he somehow managed to overpower a big bloke from Tesco in Newtownabbey . 

Here's the evidence.

And next month Fiona is taking on some other mad woman in support of Mencap.

Her training is now going so well that she's even taking on male bouncers in the gym.

But there's still no room for complacency.

Fiona is very much open to sponsorship - here's a link to her JustGiving site.

And after her fight, I suggest both she and Andy might wish to make themselves open to some form of counselling.