Sunday, 9 October 2011

What a circus

I took Jamie for his first visit to the circus earlier today. 

And here's a summary of what happened.

The lights went down, that circus music we all know came on and a horse came out, dressed as a ringmaster.  She then introduced some other horses, this time actual real horses.

Jamie got some popcorn.

We then had a clown, a magician, a tightrope walker, two camels, some more horses and what appeared to be a pole dancer on a rope.

Jamie got a flashing sword.

We had some more horses, a couple of zebras, the pole dancer on a trapeze and the magician again.

Then the horse dressed as a ringmaster (or should it be ringmistress?) came out and told us they'd all be back next year.

So might Jamie and possibly Charlotte.  Accompanied by their mother.