Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Wise choice

Jamie arrived home from nursery yesterday with the following note in his Fireman Sam backpack:

"Dear Parent/Guardian of Jamie

"Role in the Nativity - Wise Man

"As our Christmas play is fast approaching, we would like to ask for your outfits by 25th of November. This is so we can start dress rehearsals and also the local paper will be visiting to take photos to be published.

"If you need any help sourcing an outfit, please ask a member of staff or the office for some ideas."

Neither Vanessa nor I had any idea our son had even auditioned for such a high profile role. 

But we are obviously thrilled at his success and have already got our in-house costume department on with the task in hand.

We now look forward to walking down the red carpet to see him perform following the 10 weeks of intensive rehearsals that now lie ahead.