Friday, 6 January 2012

A flash with a pan

I've been attacked by the Sinusitis Monster again over the last 48 hours, hence no updates.

However, my painful condition is nothing a nose break and a couple of black eyes won't sort (according to my GP). So I'm off to see the consultant in Leeds next month, after which he will inflict said damage. 

And to think, this time last week 2012 held such promise.  

But I might be getting off lightly, as yesterday we had a little bit of drama at Jamie's nursery.

Vanessa picked him up as normal but, before departure, was asked by one of the nice ladies if she had time for a quick word.  It was to report a crime

One of the other detainees had called Jamie a bad name.

And the response of Master White? 

Yep, he whacked the offender over the head with a plastic frying pan. 

Thankfully no physical damage was caused - so no lawsuits should hopefully be forthcoming.

But was it right for me to feel proud of my boy?  I say yes, but perhaps it's best not to tell him (or his nursery).