Monday, 9 January 2012

He can watch the highlights on the telly

My ongoing project of brainwashing, sorry, explaining to Jamie that he is in fact an Ulsterman continues to gather pace.

And at times I believe I'm getting somewhere.

Like tonight, for example, when someone on Radio 2 said "Northern Ireland" and, from his bath, he shouted it right back at me.  Very pleased with that.

Us Whites are due to go across for our annual January visit in less than three weeks and, this year, the dates could not have fallen with kinder fortune.

Because, on the afternoon of Saturday 28th, my beloved Coleraine FC will walk out at the Ballymena Showgrounds to take on Crusaders in the Irish League Cup Final.

It will be a very proud day for the town and one I hope to remember with affection for the rest of my life (if we win, that is).

And, in theory, it would be an even more special occasion if I could share it with my boy.

But that will not happen.  Because he's bound to misbehave and that would spoil it for me.

So he's not going - tough.