Thursday, 31 January 2013

Rugby jubbly

This week I've had a few rugby-themed days with hopefully many more to come, and I like it.

First, on Sunday, the snow-beaten micro rugby players of Aireborough Lions RUFC were driven indoors.  But not to a cold, draughty, non-descript sports hall. Hell no. Being the tough kids that they are, it was a Thai kick-boxing club for them, with Coach Anthony in the Mr Myagi role.  

And, shock of all shocks, Jamie was awarded the player of the week trophy.  I was - and remain - very proud.

We move on to Sunday evening and the inaugural Micro Rugby Dads Polite Conversation and Pool Evening which, although small in scale (from acorns become an oak), still led to one of the longest Mondays I can barely remember (if you know what I'm saying).

And then there was yesterday and the news that Ulster Rugby's Heineken Cup quarter-final will be played at Twickenham in front of 82,000 fans (of whom around 60,000 are likely to be supporting the team with the Red Hand on their shirts).  Other than my own wedding (which I have to say), I can think of few one-off events I have looked forward to more.  My train tickets are already booked.

Tonight, I went along to the AGM of the umbrella organisation which looks after the premises used by Aireborough RUFC.  Too injured/old to play myself, I want to find another active role in the game and perhaps this club is where I can inject something of use.  I'll keep you informed on that.

And, finally (as well it might be), there's Saturday to look forward to and the Six Nations Championship which begins with Ireland's trip to Wales.  As fortune would have it, we Whites were due to drive across to Wrexham to meet our good friends Louise and Tim's new arrival.  So why not time our sojourn to enable Tim and I to watch the big game in an abuse-filled Welsh hostelry?  No reason whatsoever.  We'll set off early.