Thursday, 1 May 2014

Not three bad

They say bad things come in threes, and the evidence is that "they" are right.  Bros, Bananarama and Five Star after two of them left in a huff (see above) are but 80s musical examples of this sad reality.

As it happens, three irritating developments in the breakdown category have plagued me this week. First, our boiler has gone wonky leaving with us with temperamental hot water. Second, I detonated our fuse box and Vanessa had to get a real man in. And third, our not-very-old kitchen telly appears to be on the way out, leaving me with few remaining options but to hit it with a big hammer - before chucking it in the bin.  

However, my expletive-laden frustrations have been tempered greatly by the fact that interest in and enthusiasm for the Oliver Turkington Memorial Dinner is now beginning to motor.

If you haven't read my original post, Oliver was a teammate of mine and 19 other lucky souls when we made up the Coleraine Inst 1st XV rugby tour squad to Japan precisely a quarter of a century ago this year.  Very sadly, Oliver lost his long-running disagreement with cancer in 2007. So, we're all getting back together on Saturday 13 September at the school itself for dinner, some reminiscing, an occasional tear and a lengthening list of entertaining features including an address from Lions colossus Willie John McBride. And crucially, you're all very welcome - for the price of a ticket, obviously. Details of how to get your mitts on one (or ideally more than one) of these will be announced later this month.

I've set up an event page on Facebook which is open to all to view and contribute to.  So please do.  The local papers back in Coleraine have been very helpful in helping us to promote what we're doing.  The numbers of people from outside Northern Ireland who have already booked their flights is growing.  And I have some exciting news about hosting arrangements for the event, but I can't tell you about these yet (yes, I know you'll not sleep but life can be cruel).

Anyway, I hope you're OK and the good is outweighing the bad in your world.  Onwards to the Bank Holiday weekend.