Sunday, 11 May 2014

Party preparations

We're off to Vanessa's dad's 70th birthday party shortly, which should be something to behold.  More on this later although, given that there's a free bar, it may be tomorrow.

However, Geoff's grandkids will be the only children present which risks causing some minor inconvenience issues for Vanessa and myself.

We could try to keep ours entertained.  But that seems like a lot of effort when there's serious drinking to be done.  This leaves physical restraint as the much more attractive and, yes, lazier option for us.

I have checked and it appears the village hall we're going to does not have it's own dungeon.  This is as shocking as it is personally disappointing, particularly as our children have found this to be a pleasing form of captivity in the past.  

So once again, we'll have to pack Jamie's personal stocks.

Charlotte, meanwhile, will simply be chained to the nearest wall and fed buns.

The taxi's booked for noon.