Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Memories to try to remember

Welcome to "rehab," otherwise known as my sofa in Guiseley.

Yes, I came back yesterday from a fine but typically unhealthy long weekend on the Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland.

The first evening - Friday - with an air of civility at the Coleraine Old Boys' Association President's Dinner at Royal Portrush Golf Club (home of the 2019 Open Championship).

Until this lot got involved.

If you recognise the faces, you will require no further explanation.  If you don't, best leave it there.

But it was good fun.  I seem to recall.

After some rest and recuperation, it was off to the home of football, the Coleraine Showgrounds, to watch the Bannsiders make mouths of themselves in a 2-1 defeat to Dungannon.

The last time Dungannon won a game was the two teams' previous meeting (according to my mate Dean).

A few pints later, and it was out for my dad's birthday.

Praise be.

Then a boozy Sunday lunch not many hours afterwards.

Followed by the Ireland rugby match in a pub and a night with friends in another pub.

I stopped taking pictures at that stage as pointing the camera became an issue.

I'll be off to bed shortly.  I expect to be there for some time.