Sunday, 2 November 2014

Blackpool rocks

Good evening from Blackpool.

Yes, after two trips to London this week (news on visit number two next time), I've joined Mrs W and the other two on a little jaunt over the Pennines.

Some people seem to delight in slagging off Blackpool.  But I remain a committed defender.

OK, it's not Las Vegas - it's not in America for a start.  But it is what it is and, based on tonight's evidence, Jamie and Charlotte have enjoyed the experience every bit as much as I did when I first came here with my sisters and grandparents back in 1808 (roughly).

To be fair, not much has changed about the old place since then - with the odd exception. 

This includes the arrival of The Big One, still (I think) the tallest roller coaster in Europe.  I went on it during my mate Dave's stag night in 1997.  And every time I've returned since, I wonder why.  Then Vanessa reminds me I was hammered.  

It's a bit like going up Blackpool Tower, all 518ft 9 inches of it, which I traversed on my (sober) virgin visit. I'll never do it again. It's massive, I might fall out and die so it's best avoided. 

But it's still compulsory to have a peak (from a safe distance).

My personal highlight today was an encounter with Moby Dick.

We'd walked almost four miles to get to the start of the Illuminations and I was famished. (I say "we" but I pushed Charlotte all the way, making me extra-famished).  Now, I'm not the biggest fish and chips fan there's ever been. I like them but I don't get madly-excited.  Until today.

By the time we'd we reached our destination and begun the promised (to the kids) visit to the fish and chip shop, my view had hardened.  I no longer just wanted fish and chips.  Hell no.  I wanted, nay, NEEDED the biggest fish that had ever been landed in these parts. I sent for "The Moby Dick." (And chips, obviously.)

He didn't disappoint.

Neither did I.

With Jamie barred from school tomorrow whilst his teachers train still further, we're all off to some indoor water park located nearby which does sound good.  

Then maybe we'll buy a selection of novelty hats and tee shirts. I might even have my fortune told.

Blackpool rocks. (I'll probably pick up a selection of those too).