Thursday, 16 July 2015

Have a bite with Barry

With schools in Leeds having already broken up or preparing to break up in the coming days, the sense of dread amongst local parents is already palpable.

What oh what to do with our dearly beloveds?

But don't despair mums and dads, because I believe I've found a piece to start you off with that two-month jigsaw.  Oh yes.

Because between noon and 1pm  next Wednesday and, indeed, every Wednesday until the end of August, you can have your lunch with Barry.

And not just any Barry, hell no.  I'm talking about Barry the Friendly Dragon.

Thanks to the foresightedness of the good folk at Leeds City Council, the beautiful surrounds of Kirkstall Abbey are being made available for family picnics - with Barry as your host.

However, rightly conscious of health and safety concerns, the Council's open invitation does come with a health warning:

"Just make sure he doesn't eat your sandwiches!"

Consider yourself duly advised.