Sunday, 19 July 2015

We knew he'd grow into it

It was Jamie's "moving on assembly" at Guiseley Infant and Nursery School on Friday morning.  And it was a toughie.  

Our boy has changed a lot over the past three years, as the pictures below prove. 

On Friday, we deliberately squeezed him into the tee shirt he wore on his very first day which, in September 2012, looked like a sweatshirt.  And despite having grown a few inches over that period, be assured that he is actually wearing shorts in photo number two.

But the physical changes are only part of the story.

So many of the positive aspects of his developing character - not to mention everything he learnt in the classroom, obviously - are down to the fine folk of a very fine school.

St Oswald's Primary School has a lot to live up to when he and Charlotte rock up there in September.