Sunday, 5 July 2015

Jane is 40 - fancy that

A quite magnificent night last night when Mrs W and I headed over the Pennines to attend her old school friend Jane's 40th birthday bash.  Jane introduced me to Vanessa in a House of Commons bar 18 years ago, almost to the second. So all her fault then.

The instruction was to arrive in fancy dress with Dallas and Dynasty the theme.

Most imaginative costume?  I'd say below.

"DAL" on his back.  And his ass is very much on show.  Magnificent.

The birthday girl herself (below, right) came as Dynasty super-bitch Alexis Carrington, famously played by Joan Collins.

And that's Vanessa on the left as Kristin Shepard, JR Ewing's crap shot almost killer.

There was even a bucking bronco.  Here's Vanessa beating my time.

"Devastated" is the cleanest word I can use to describe how much that continues to hurt.

Later we had cake.

That's Ed - Jane's husband - in the towel, aka Bobby Ewing (Dallas aficionados will immediately "get" the ingenuity behind the look).

And then the party started.

Jane and Vanessa started it off.

And others willingly joined in.

I'd taken my costume off by that point.

Well, I mean, Jock Ewing was never really known as a dancer.