Sunday, 8 November 2015

Big-hearted Lions stand proud to remember

Remembrance Sunday is a day few people might naturally "look forward to." It's very sad, after all.

But, since being a bit part junior coach at Aireborough Rugby Club, I've been touched by the absolute respect afforded to the two minutes silence by our wonderful group of boys and girls.

This was our Under 8s standing together today alongside their mini-opponents from nearby Yarnbury RFC.

A proud moment.

And they didn't do so bad on the field either.

It was a horrible day here with the pitches wet and hard to run on.

But the Aireborough Lions fronted up, Jamie included, and gave as good as they got.

Afterwards, weekly awards were given out.

And today they included a brand new trinket adjudicated upon by the players themselves.

It was for Coach of the Week.  And I didn't win.

This was hardly a surprise as I'm a crap coach and, on the few occasions when I try to impart my limited "wisdom", very few baby Yorkies have the first clue what I'm talking about.

This only makes me admire them even more.