Friday, 13 November 2015

Take a Wookie at this

Back in my day, we used to turn up to school in bad jumpers and good trousers on Children In Need day in return for a small donation to an excellent cause.

But the stakes have been greatly upped since then.  "No uniform day" it seems is so 1987.  In 2015 our own kids are instead challenged to "Be A Hero" for the day, dressed in appropriate attire.

Now, I don't have a problem with this.  Yes, us parents are all busy ya-de-ya-de-yadda.  But it offers the sprogs a fun experience so, for me, we've got to do our bit.

That's the theory.  Or at least it was until Wednesday evening when Jamie declared that he wanted to be transformed into the Eleventh Doctor (Who) - think Matt Smith - and we quickly realised we didn't have any of the right garb.

A trip to six shops yesterday afternoon brought zero returns.  So I was left with no option but to wing it, picking up the best costume I could find in the challenging circumstances in which I was by then mired.

Charlotte had already decided that she was going as Merida who, I am advised, shoots witches with her bow and arrows.  Definitely a hero(ine) then.  And we already had the costume.

Job done.

So, back to Jamie.  There were two key questions:

  1. Could the character I had chosen for him be legitimately classed as a hero? 
  2. Did Jamie like the character enough to want to dress up as him?
A quick straw poll on Facebook and a bit of added Googling told me that, yes, our mystery character had most certainly earned his hero spurs - even once turning down a medal for good deeds.

And was Jamie a fan?  Taking, her life in her hands, Vanessa put the question to him last night and, lo and behold, he was very much an admirer.

So all that remained was for Jamie to get into the costume and "the zone."

Ladies and gentlemen, Chewbacca and Merida White.

Enjoy Children in Need night.

And May the Force be with you.