Monday, 2 November 2015

I'm a disco diva, get me out of here

There's been thick fog in various parts of the country today, leading to the delay or cancellation of lots of flights and the frustration of many passengers.

Such annoyance can often bring out the worst in people, including delusions of personal grandeur.

I mention this because, listening to Radio 5 Live this morning, I heard a very nice lady call in from departures at Amsterdam airport to tell listeners what was going on there.

The long and short was that chaos ensued but, hey ho, worse things happen so let's not get too upset.

Presenter Nicky Campbell asked if any fellow passengers were displaying a less-kindly attitude than herself.

"Oh yes," she said.  "One man marched up to the desk and announced, "I'M A VERY IMPORTANT PERSON!'"

Amused by this, Nicky Campbell relayed a similarly-themed airport story involving US pop queen Diana Ross.

Her flight had also been delayed and she wasn't pleased.

So she flounced up to the check-in desk with a cringeworthy announcement/question of her own: "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!"

But the object of her outburst was unbowed.

And, turning to the person staffing the next door desk and speaking loud enough for everyone else to hear, she purred: "There's a person here who doesn't know who she is."

That knock-out line has kept me amused all day.

And from here on in, every time I hear Diana Ross sing her hit song "Do You Know," I'll laugh.  At her.  Very loudly.