Sunday, 15 November 2015

Madness in her eyes

Friday night's terrorist attacks in Paris have shocked the world and, initially, were covered with relative calm and dignity by British broadcasters.

And then someone put Kay Burley on a Eurostar.

I don't know if you're a Sky News viewer or, indeed, a Kay Burley fan.  But I just can't watch that woman.  No matter how delicate the subject matter, nothing will stop Ms Burley from crudely trying to get a scoop or thrusting her own shallow musings on an unfortunate audience.

Right, sermon over - let's have some fun at her expense.

Desperate for attention presumably during an ad break, our self-styled journalistic heroine posted this on Twitter.

Nope, I'm not making it up.  She really, truly, honestly did.

And after a few minutes to allow this to sink in, the Twitterati got to work.

Good one.  What about this?

Or this?

And this.

Here's another.

An amusing potato anyone?

Fluffy bear?

Or perhaps a scary shark.

And finally, something more surreal.

Sure we all need a laugh, particularly at times of adversity.

And you can always trust the good old British public to deliver it.


The gift that keeps on giving.