Sunday, 1 November 2015

Zo bad, Zo old

Sunday evening is not a typical time for a good old laugh.  But tonight was an exception.

Vanessa and I were in one room trying to sort out summer holiday plans.  Meanwhile, the kids were next door watching the Strictly Come Come Dancing results show.  (They're big fans).

As Strictly aficionados will be be very well aware, other than the results themselves, not a lot happens in the Strictly Come Come Dancing results show.  It lasts about 45 minutes but the results last about five.  The rest is what can best be described as "padding."

Cue Zoe Ball.

Our Zoe presents a BBC2 Strictly spin-off programme five nights a week.  And it needs to be promoted.  So, as the votes were being counted tonight, she popped up to tell us all about her gig and why we needed to watch tomorrow.

As it happens, Zoe Ball and us Whites have a history.

I met her at a House of Commons reception in 1998.


And later that night, I saw her again in the next door bar which also contained my recently-acquired girlfriend by the name of Vanessa.

It had previously been said by some that Vanessa and Zoe looked very similar.  So, with a drink or two in the tank, I made it my business to introduce them to each other.  I then asked Ms Ball if she thought she bore any resemblance to the modern day Mrs White.

"No," she replied.  "People say I look like Martin Clunes, so that would be an insult."

A good line.

Let's fast forward until tonight and Zoe Ball's appearance on the Strictly results show.

I paused it on Sky+ and asked Jamie if she reminded him of anyone.

"Yes!" he barked.  "A younger version of Mummy!"

Almost five years her junior, Vanessa is less than pleased.