Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Back to a four piece

Well, Packmania is at an end and it's great to have our man back.  (He actually returned home yesterday but I'll come on to that).

It was obvious that much fun was had.

Amongst scores of other activities, Jamie and his pack had a go in a big canoe.

(I'm advised that they even took it on to the water.  Eventually).

Then they got spattered with an assortment of pastel colours.

And there was time to rest too.

But yes, back to yesterday and my tardiness in keeping you up to date.

With Jamie away, on Saturday the rest of the White family went shopping for his birthday toys.  And we came away with more than envisaged.

Both he and Charlotte had talked for a while about the "need" for us to have a garden trampoline.  Initially Vanessa and I were up for it.  Fortysomethings are partial to an occasional bounce too.

But then we began to fear for the loss of a significant chunk of our back garden and went quiet on the idea.

However, with an offer on at Smyth's Toys, we crumbled and shoved an 8-footer in the boot.

And that was Jamie's big surprise last night when he got home.

Thankfully its arrival went down as dramatically as he and Charlotte went up.

I'd love to claim full credit for its construction, but it was very much a three-and-a-halfway effort involving Vanessa, Charlotte and - the brains of the operation - Auntie Vicky.

Although how she and Mrs W managed it after their behaviour the previous evening is beyond me.

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