Friday, 27 May 2016


It was a big night in Guiseley and elsewhere across Yorkshire as we bid goodbye to our Cubs for three whole nights.

Yes it's PACKMANIA in Sheffield, celebrating 100 years since the Cubs were born.  And they ain't doing things by half.

This special centenary anniversary camp will be attended by 3,000 Cubs and many hundreds of helpers.  And to say that the attractions are impressive would be something of an understatement.

Feel free to agree, and I quote:

"PACKMANIA will have -  Live entertainment, a fairground, an open air cinema, a circus and hundreds of activities including.....Climbing, Archery, Water Activities, Crate Climb, The Cube, Zip Wire, Obstacle Course, Orienteering, Cresta Run, Bouldering, Spider Mountain with Slide, Ice Climb, Bouldering Wall, Segways, Face Painting, Stilt Walking, Punch & Judy, High Ropes, Wrecker Ball, Zip Line, Kids Fun Zone, Laser Quest, Penguin Flip, Basketball Game, Balloon Pump, Dart Game, Pole Joust, Surfboard Simulator, Bucking Bronco."    

See, I told you.

And our Jamie will be there to experience it all.

Vanessa is kind of dying inside at his temporary departure, partly because she fears he'll come back with a goatee, hoe and low level drug habit.

Meanwhile, Charlotte sees nothing but a long weekend of personal opportunity.

To be fair, Vanessa was not alone in struggling to say goodbye.

It was as if One Direction were in town.

This was the other side of the road.

But gone they are, if only for a short while.

Let's hope Jamie comes back having changed his pants at least once between now and Monday.

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