Monday, 16 May 2016

Hoax fan evacuated from Old Trafford

Sometimes technology in general and social media in particular do my head in.  But often they can combine to brighten up my day.  

In the wake of weekend events at the North West 200, I tuned into the BBC Northern Ireland evening news - something I couldn't have done in Yorkshire not that long ago - to get an update on the condition of three other injured riders.  Thankfully all are recovering well.

Then another story followed about local Manchester United fans who'd travelled across the Irish Sea for yesterday's game at Old Trafford, only to be left disappointed because of the now infamous "fake bomb" scare.

And this "Man Utd fan" appeared on screen.

It's not just any Andrew Todd.  No, it's my old school friend Andrew Todd who I haven't seen for 20 years at least.

He'd travelled over to Manchester with his son Oliver (still dressed in full kit).

I quickly found Andrew on Facebook and sent him a message (and friend request) expressing my disgust at his choice of football team.

After kindly accepting my friend request, he replied with a confession: "Not a fan - Oliver is so I need to pretend."


It now feels even better to be back in touch.  

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