Sunday, 26 March 2017

As one door closes...

This was Jamie on Monday morning, about to head out of the kitchen door.


And this was Charlotte around an hour ago trying to find it.


But it's not there.  It's in here, replaced by a new oven.


Yes, welcome to the latest instalment of "Kitchen Update" as the transformation of our scullery continues apace.   

The big cupboard on the right houses our new fridge.  The door beside it hides our washing machine (so Vanessa tells me).


On the other side of the room, you can see our new extractor hood (I'm learning all the terms).  A new cooking thingy (OK, so I don't know all of them) will miraculously appear in the coming days, enabling me to burn stuff before the hood extracts it.  


All things being equal, the entire job will be done and dusted (another one for Vanessa) in time for my birthday on Friday. 

Personally, a crate of Guinness and a KFC bargain bucket would've made an equally good present - and been a whole lot cheaper.  

Plus, I wouldn't have to redecorate them. 

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