Monday, 13 March 2017

Class 4H in residence

It's a bit quieter in the White House this evening as Jamie is away on his first school residential.

And thanks to the wonders of social media and an ever-keen headteacher, us parents can follow what's going on.

Above you can see class 4H being briefed upon arrival this morning.

And below you can see Jamie performing the crucially important job of "Chalk Boy" during a game of pool.

That photo was posted about an hour ago.

Earlier in the day, higher energy levels were required.

Jamie got to have a spin on the BMX trail, which I know he was looking forward to.

Excitement or sheer terror?  You decide.

But at least he has a helmet on.

Whether helmets were required for the group task is also a matter of opinion.  I'm not great with heights, but I reckon I would feel reasonably fairly safe at an altitude of 10 inches.    

 It's lights out at 9pm.

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