Thursday, 9 March 2017

Never drink and fly

Ireland are playing rugby tomorrow night and I was running short of Guinness so, first thing this morning, I went to Morrisons.

As I approached the Guinness aisle, I noticed the little green "Happy St Patrick's Day" sign you can see below.

And the same to yerself.

But then I had a shock.

In recent times, Morrisons has had a Guinness offer of 15 cans for £12.  You can't be bad to that.

However, in advance of next Friday's festivities, some Morrisons bright spark has sought to fleece Plastic Paddies (and real ones) by putting up prices.

There were no 15-packs on the shelves at all.  Instead, we had 10-packs which last week were priced at £9 but had suddenly gone up to £11.

So, in numbers terms, cans of Guinness which last week were priced at 80p (i.e. 15 for £12) were now being sold at £1.10 (i.e 10 for £11).  Yes, in YORKSHIRE.

Given my Guinness dilemma, I had no option but to pick up a pack and stomp to the self-service till swearing under my breath.

Upon arrival, I swiped it through the beeper.  BEEP!  £9 please (i.e. not £11). They hadn't changed the tills.  Oops!!!

The tide was turning.

So I ran back to the shelf and got a second pack.  BEEP!  Another £9.

That made it £18 for 20 cans - or 90p each.

Better, but I was still 10p a can down.

And then you'll never guess what.  Hanging out of the voucher machine two tills up was a voucher (what did you expect?) for £3 off which I managed to grab just a split second before the young mum with the pram.  (Shit happens).


With my £3 discount, I was down to £15 for 20 cans or 75p a can.

Yes, I know what you're thinking - and I can't help but agree.      

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