Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Away with the Fairies


It's been a particularly dramatic week for our Charlotte thus far, with two neighbouring teeth falling out on successive days.

More positively, she twice got to invoice the Tooth Fairy -  who Charlotte thinks might be called Lorna (but isn't sure) and lives on the other side of this door in her bedroom skirting board.

Charlotte's first note read as follows.

"Dear Lorna.

"Sorry if you are not Lorna.

"How do you know when children lose their teeth?  Are you a kid?

"Love from Charlotte." 

She awoke yesterday morning to the following response.

"Dear Charlotte  

"I am Lorna.  I can sense you lost your tooth because a new fairy was born as soon as I got to Fairyland.  She's called Charlotte after you.

"We look young when we are born.  We never look old.  (I am 2,000 years old).  

"Love Lorna." 

After reading the reply, Charlotte headed to school where another tooth soon fell out.

So, before bedtime, Miss White fired off another missive.

"Dear Lorna.

"Sorry if you're not Lorna.

"I swallowed my tooth.  What is the new fairy called?

"Love from Charlotte."

This was the letter waiting for her this morning.

"Dear Charlotte.

"And yes I am Lorna and Charlotte the Fairy is with me.

"Don't worry about when you can't find your tooth. I have it now.  Well, I have what came out of it - Frances the Fairy.

"Love Lorna."

Charlotte's middle name is Frances.

And the Tooth Fairy even included a little drawing of herself alongside Charlotte the Fairy and Frances the Fairy.


Very sweet.

However, because you've read this far, I can exclusively reveal that whilst Lorna does indeed live in our house - it's not in Charlotte's wall.

She's also not as pretty as Charlotte might imagine.      

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