Sunday, 19 March 2017

There's no Kit Kat in my kitchen, what am I gonna do?


Above on the right you can see the open door of my chocolate cupboard.  Which you'll quickly note is empty.  This is down to Vanessa.

To be fair, it's not because Mrs White is on a sudden get fat drive.

No, it's because she's cleared it out in preparation for the installation of our new kitchen.

Which is why what you can see below won't be there soon.    


In fact, the men arrive tomorrow.  One of them looks like a Hell's Angel.

The job is due to take "too weeks, love" - so hopefully they'll not still be in the way when Father Christmas comes. 

I'll keep you updated on progress.

No doubt you're already filled with just as much excitement as I am.  And that's before I'm forced to redecorate. Thrilled, that's me. 

Now then, where's my effing chocolate? 

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