Saturday, 18 November 2017

A chance to fly with the bogie men

Jet2holidays have launched a novel competition which has left one member of our family feeling a mix of great excitement and heartfelt disappointment.

Called the “Ultimate School Trip,” schools across the UK are being handed the chance for an entire class to visit Jet2holidays’ new Sol Katmandu Park and Resort in Majorca and participate in “fun educational workshops with celebrity hosts.” We’re talking Dick and Dom here folks.  

In total, nine classes of 9-13 year olds and their teachers will spend a long weekend next April on this “once-in-a-lifetime trip.” (Can you tell I’ve cut and pasted same of this stuff?) 

To enter, pupils are being challenged to "jet-power their imagination and produce their own promotional piece for Sol Katmandu Park & Resort, whether that be a poster, poem, song or video." 

The judges (we’re still talking Dick and also Dom) will "create a shortlist of five schools in each of Jet2holidays’ nine airport regions, which will then go to a public vote, with the final nine class winners announced on Tuesday 13th March. All 45 shortlisted schools will receive £1,000 worth of school equipment vouchers."

Right, that’s the bumpf and, to be fair, it is a very clever piece of marketing.

Jet2holidays reps have just begun a fortnight roadshows across the country to plug their initiative.  And on Wednesday they rocked up at Jamie and Charlotte’s school. 

Not only that, Jamie was chosen a one of three St Oswald’s boys to be interviewed on camera.   

But here's the disappointing bit. He was one of only one boy who had stardom snatched away just as he was set to say his piece.

See for yourself (the whole film only lasts a minute).

I’ll let you know if St Oswald's get shortlisted (and we need your votes). Surely it's the least Dick and Dom can do. 

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