Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Rock 'n' Roll Star?


I've just begun a short flurry of live music nights out which I've been looking forward to for months.  And there's just been an unexpected twist.

My little run of gigs - three different venues are involved, so let's call it a "tour" - began on Sunday evening when Vanessa and I saw The Killers at the First Direct Arena.

That's them above.......oh hold on, you can't see them.

How about this?       


You'll hopefully spot lead singer Brandon Flowers in the middle.  Vanessa loves Brandon Flowers and would be off with him in her big suitcase given half the chance.  (I'd be away in a taxi with Katy Perry should that offer present itself so we're even). 

But I digress.

Yes, The Killers.  They were genuinely fantastic, reeling off more hits than you probably thought they possessed (although the highlight was probably their energetic cover of Leeds-favourite "I Predict A Riot" accompanied by an ex-Kaiser Chief). 

Next gig on the list happens this Friday when a group of us including two special guests from Portstewart (one's actually from Portadown but doesn't talk about it) head to Leeds University Student Union for an evening with The Undertones.

This is what the band looked like back in the day. Former frontman Feargal Sharkey is on the left.  

And here they are now.

At least they seem happier since Feargal left (despite his good heart).

The only downside of 40 years passing by is that Friday's gig has a 10pm curfew to enable the band (and crowd) to head off for a sleep.  

Now let's fast forward eight days and the penultimate date in my pre-Christmas singalongathon when my pal Richard and I will be twisting our melons with the Happy Mondays at the O2 Academy in Leeds. (Call the cops). 

I saw them at CarFest in the summer and loved it.  (It was a wet night so Vanessa, Jamie and Charlotte listened from our tent).  

They were fabulous and I was determined to see them again if I could.  

Shaun Ryder has really cleaned up his act (if not his vocabulary) and is now partial to an occasional bottle of spring water.

But dancer Bez is just the same.

My musical adventure will end the following night at the First Direct Arena where the fun began.  And here's the twist.

I like to think I know my kids, but then they surprise me.  Until recent months, there was little to suggest that Jamie would turn into Liam Gallagher's biggest fan.  But somehow it's happened. 

I bought my Liam tickets at the beginning of September and was very lucky to get them.  Against expectation, the gig sold out in two hours.  I was walking past the Arena three hours after that and asked for two tickets.  They didn't have any.  And then the nice lady hesitated before pulling a pair out of a drawer.  

They'd been reserved by a man who hadn't come back to pick them up.  First tier of seating, dead centre, six rows back. Perfect.  

Since my piece of kind fortune, I've played Liam and Oasis music incessantly.  And Jamie's been listening, learning the words and singing them at every opportunity.  (He first discovered the great man after watching his now famous One Love Manchester set live on TV in June).

Jamie's been complaining loudly for weeks that he's not getting to see Liam in Leeds.  And yesterday Vanessa relented - and handed him her ticket (he sure as hell wasn't getting mine).

Is the boy excited? You bet ya. But Liam doesn't smile - so neither will Jamie.


As you were.             


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