Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Visiting the Lions' den

I'm very nervous tonight - I'm missing my boys and I'm worried about them.

"Who are your 'boys' Barry?" I hear you cry.  Very good question. 

I'm talking about the players of Guiseley AFC who I've grown very fond of.  And I'm not alone. 

Here's another fan visiting them at home.


Yes, that's Jamie on the left eating his pie and peas in the clubhouse prior to kick-off.

And then we went outside.

That was our first visit. We've had a few trips since, including the one below to Guiseley's FA Cup 1st Round tie against Accrington Stanley.


There was a bigger crowd that day.  And Guiseley earned a well-deserved draw.

10 days on and the replay is taking place right now. That's why I'm nervous. A win tonight followed by another against Mansfield Town and the Lions will be in the proverbial hat for Round 3 with the possibility of a crack at one of the Premier League big guns.

These are exciting times for our town.  The club went full-time professional just a few weeks ago and have since signed a bucketful of new players.  The future is looking bright for all involved.  And the least local residents like me can do is turn up, pay our money and shout our encouragement.

Loads are doing already doing it.  I see other people I know (but who I've never met at a game) every time I go.  And crucially, the kids experience is hugely positive.  

They let them in free for a start - removing any excuse parents might have for refusing an experimental visit.

Once in there, there's no shortage of sustenance. Last Saturday, Jamie topped up his pie and peas with a tray of chips and a hot chocolate (which, admittedly, he burnt his tongue on. It was a very hot chocolate).

And crucially, the atmosphere is incredibly friendly. The home fans have a laugh but swearing is essentially banned and terrace aggro barely exists.

So, people of Guiseley, Yeadon, Menston, Rawdon and all points in between, do yourself (and your young 'uns) a favour and get yourself along to Nethermoor.

In the meantime I can report that tonight's half-time score is Accrington Stanley 0 Guiseley AFC 0.

Go Lions. 

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