Thursday, 28 April 2011

Big puff

Yes, I know Easter's over but I had to show you this.  You might not find it funny.  Indeed, you might find it wet. But it's my blog so let me indulge - briefly.

Our Jamie had the questionable privilege of taking part in two Easter bonnet parades this year. 

The first was at nursery where prizes were awarded for the best creations.  Sadly he didn't get one.  (For the record, his mother made it.  That said, my creation of last year did similarly badly - I'm still not fully over that, if truth be told).

And the second was at his playgroup on Tuesday past - thankfully still officially "Easter Tuesday" back in good old Norn Iron - where everyone got help to make similar head gear, before being asked to ponce about and being told "you're all winners!"  (How 2011).

You can see Jamie's creation above.  And, crucially, you should note the paper streamer thingy on the front - brings me neatly on to a very short piece of video.

Whoever placed his Easter bonnet on his head, did so in a way that left the paper streamer thingy falling over his face and into his mouth.

The obvious thing to do was for him to turn his hat around a little.  But, to be fair, he's still only two.

So, to nick and slightly amend a phrase from a well-known song: "Our runaway son run across the floor and he blew."

See for yourself.

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