Thursday, 28 April 2011

Long may they reign

I fear I've become a cynical old bastard (don't argue) in recent times but, having watched tonight's pre-event coverage of the Royal Wedding on the BBC 10 O'Clock News, even I can't help but wish our future King and Queen well.

The atmosphere in and around Westminster appears to be electric and the prospect of tomorrow's happy event is putting a smile on a lot of people's faces.  Given the difficulties this country is going through at  present, who could be anything other than welcoming about that? 

I was particularly impressed at William and Harry's decision to come out and meet the crowds on the Mall a little earlier this evening.  A little touch of class (in the literal sense) which many other individuals in public life simply fail - or are unable - to display these days.  Good for them.

Us Whites (roads permitting) will be watching tomorrow's proceedings from a caravan park (it doesn't get more British than that) in Norfolk.  We'll set off as soon as Jamie's had his morning dump and intend to be in front of a specially laid on big screen in time to watch Kate's walk up the aisle at 10.55am.  And then, according to the flier, we'll have a "street" (make that "caravan park") party - the mind boggles. 

But, get this - I only found out about half an hour ago - we're going to be located only eight miles from the Queen's country retreat in Sandringham. Now, according to today's news - and I have watched a lot - her and the Duke are due to depart Buck House in the early afternoon to leave the stage clear for the young 'uns.  (So why Prince Charles in hosting the evening do is beyond me).

And there's every possibility that they'll turn up in Sandringham.    

Should her and he make that journey, then so will we - before throwing stones at their bedroom window until they let us in and give us a drink.

Or maybe not.

Anyway, have a day and a weekend to remember - we're back on Monday.  

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