Friday, 22 April 2011

Good BBQ Friday

In a first for this blog, you join me live from our back garden after I worked out that my wireless thingy works out here too.  (Cutting edge, I am).

Essentially the point of the next few days for Vanessa and me is to do as little as possible - without either Jamie or Charlotte noticing.

But clearly there will have to be some distractions.

Today's trick is an old-fashioned barbecue.  With me as hunter gatherer and tongman-in-chief.

As a special added treat, Jamie's favourite (not to mention only) godmother Vicky is here too.

This is great for lots of reasons, but most especially because Vicky is a piss head, I can drink more than usual and Vanessa can't shout at me.

But Charlotte couldn't be arsed to even make an appearance.

OK, not entirely true -  she was eventually forced to rise after blowing a hole in her nappy.  

Happy Good Friday.     

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