Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Northern numpties

I was handed a little flier at teatime as I boarded my fourth Northern Rail train of the day.  

It read as follows. 

"Leeds - Manchester Victoria: disruption over the last week

"We are very sorry for the disruption to your train services over the past week. There has been an unusual number of problems on this line including cable theft, vandalism and also signal failure which have all contributed to the delays.

"We're working closely with Network Rail to restore stability to the line and with British Transport Police to apprehend the cable thieves.

"If you would like any more information about the issues please contact our Customer Relations team.

"Thank you for your patience."

However, when I turned over, there were no apologies for the delays experienced last week, or the week before, or every other ****ing week since time began.

Funny, that.

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