Thursday, 28 July 2011

Guiseley: Playground of the famous

I went for a run last night, during which I thought I spotted a famous face sitting outside The Wool Pack pub in Esholt (yes, the actual one that used to be in Emmerdale). 

So I stopped dead in my tracks - not a difficult feat given the slow pace I was travelling at - to stare manically at my subject. He looked back blankly.

The mystery man I refer to may or may not have been Ian "Hutchy" Hutchinson, the Isle of Man TT motorbike legend who won all five races at last year's event. (You have heard of him. Come on, think).

He was wearing Yamaha leathers and, given I know for certain that he does live in Guiseley, it might well have been him.  Or it might not.  Next time I may go up and ask.

Anyway, my possible (or not) brush with stardom sent me off wondering if Hutchy is in fact Guiseley's most famous resident.  So I checked on Wikipedia.

And it appears there are three - yes THREE - others vying for that title. 

First is former Yorkshire and England cricket captain and all-round hardman Brian Close.  (Trust me, he's dead famous.  Even in India).

Second is ex-Great Britain rugby league coach Brian Noble.  (He's incredibly well-known. Really).  

And third but by no means least is...get's only TASMIN ARCHER! Pretty bloody impressive, eh? Her sole hit, "Sleeping Satellite," remains a classic and can still be accessed in literally tens of jukeboxes across the globe.  

Honestly, we might as well be living in Monaco.       

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