Sunday, 24 July 2011

There's no place like home

Another annual camping weekend been and gone, and only 51 weeks and 6 days are left until the next one.  Seems a bit close for me.

To be fair, the kids loved it.  And even slept the night.

And, with sleeping done, Jamie couldn't wait to get back out there to do...something.

Sadly, it involved going to a North Yorkshire beach...

...which isn't quite in the same league as a Causeway Coast beach.

His displeasure made me proud. 

Very soon afterwards, it was time for home. 

He was wrecked...

...but Charlotte wasn't.

A fun couple of days, all said and done.

Most memorable moment?  For all the wrong reasons.  When Dagenham Dave got his big pole out.

Tired and predictable?  Absolutely.

But that's why we (pretend not to) love him.

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