Sunday, 10 July 2011

Never run too far ahead of yourself

Last night's first installment of Operation Tough Love (i.e. teach Charlotte some sleep manners by letting her cry rather than be mollycoddled) went much better than expected.

In fact, she even went for an afternoon doze in her cot - an almost unheard of event - as a prelude.  And when darkness came, she did reasonably well for a beginner.

Yes, she stirred many times but, with the exception of an hour from 4-5am when I did worry about what the new neighbours might think, she generally stuck to the task.  Let's see what tonight brings.

Feeling upbeat about all of this, I went out for a run first thing this morning to "celebrate" - and promptly fell over a drain pipe. Dignified it was not.

After dusting myself down, I limped home in just a little bit of a mess.

This was my left hand.   

Enjoy your Sunday lunch.

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