Friday, 30 September 2011

Going the extra 13 miles

Just over three weeks ago, when the collective Great North Run fundraising efforts of Wee John and myself were not going as well as we had hoped, I entered the Bradford Half Marathon as a kind of insurance policy.  

At that time, our total stood at around £500; it has now reached £1,941 with one cheque and one sponsor sheet still to come in.  Put the two together, and we hope we'll get to our dream target of £2,000, but we don't yet know for sure. 

So, come 9am this Sunday, I'll be be back in my Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research running kit for a second and final time with the number 451 pinned to my chest.  

Before me will be 13.1 miles of steep Bradford hills and, in all truth, I am absolutely dreading it.     

A combination of tired legs, sore joints, a tender Achilles and christening exertions has meant that I've only been out for two brief training runs since returning from Tyneside.  But, hey ho, you only live once so I'll be giving it a go.  

A few people have increased their original donations to our fund after hearing I would be doubling my exertions. 

If you are a previous donor and would like to follow this generous lead, then please don't let me stop you.  

Equally, if you are one of the handful of people who said you would donate but haven't yet done so, I would be grateful if you were now as good as your word. 

Or, if you haven't yet given but suddenly feel inclined to do so then a few quid would be very much appreciated.  

For the very last time - and I absolutely promise it will be - here is the link where you can donate online.

By the way, if you happen near Bradford and want to come along to abuse me, then please do.

But whatever you shout, make sure it doesn't include the score of Ireland v Italy in the Rugby World Cup, which I'll be looking forward to watching shortly afterwards on Sky+ (with a very cold beer) .