Thursday, 29 September 2011

Wonky Wee John

Before I begin, let me introduce you to the young Whites on parade at Charlotte's christening last Sunday.

Alongside Charlotte and Jamie at the front is cousin Katie; behind are fellow cousins Nathan (left) and Sebastian.  I might add that only Nathan was drinking alcoholic beverages. 

At the same post-event do, I learnt something fascinating from Wee John's big brother-in-law Big Tony.  That's Big Tony below on the far left - two along from Big Sean.

Big Tony alleged that Wee John comes from a clan of wonky-eared folk - the Wee Fultons - with all his brothers and sisters having lopped-sided lugs appended to their tiny heads. 

Wee John was not around when Big Tony made this startling charge and Big Tony's wife / Wee John's sister Nice Paula (above right) politely refused to move her hair to enable me to test Big Tony's hypothesis. 

But thankfully it wasn't long before Wee John arrived back.  

And, do you know what?  In Wee John's case at least, Big Tony was right, as the line I've drawn on the picture below clearly demonstrates.

And for all these years I've wondered why Wee John's glasses were never straight.