Friday, 16 September 2011

We'll go on the G of the BANG

After all the kindness of so many people over recent days and weeks, it's almost the moment for Wee John and I to do our bit.  In little shorts.

His Weeness is due here tomorrow morning, just in time to see Ireland kick off against Australia in the Rugby World Cup. 

Then it'll be a (boring) pasta lunch and a bit of faffing before heading to our night time bolt hole in Durham, which just so happens to be a pub.  But we'll be good(ish). 

Then, after a bit of brekkie, it's up to Newcastle where the starting gun is due to be fired by world 5,000m world champion Mo Farah at exactly 10.40am. 

You'd expect me say that it's still not too late to sponsor us, and you'd be right - as it's not. 

So if you haven't already, we'd really appreciate it if you did so now by CLICKING ON THIS LINK

And please don't forget why we're doing all of this because, when the wind gets up and the rain starts to fall, I can assure you we won't.