Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Three foot two, eyes are blue

Jamie has recently become very aware of his own appearance.

For example, we were at Harry Ramsden's not that long ago when he spotted a cartoon of "Deep Sea Harry" on his place mat.  Now, I've never heard of Deep Sea Harry before either, but I quickly noted that he had blonde hair and blue eyes - just like our son, in fact.

And, when I pointed this out, Jamie promptly demanded that I take a pic of them "together."

Then, last night, I was watching the teatime news which led with Bernard Hogan-Howe's appointment as Met Commissioner.  Flanking the new police chief outside Scotland Yard was Home Secretary Theresa May and London Mayor Boris Johnson.    

On entering the living room, Jamie ran to the TV, pointed at Boris and yelled: "Look Daddy!  It's a big me!"

Let's hope not, eh?

By the way, he's asked me to warn you that if you haven't yet sponsored his Uncle Wee John and me to crawl over the finish line in Sunday's Great North Run, he may come round and scare you.  

If I were you, I'd click on this link and do exactly what he says.