Tuesday, 27 December 2011

All's well that finally ends

Above you can see pictures of my mate Paul "Merv" Gaile and REM lead singer Michael Stipe. I can't say for sure which is which.

A few weeks ago and under the influence of the demon drink, Paul persuaded me to enter an "easy paced  Christmas fun run" called the Chevin Chase. It takes place every year on Boxing Day in and around Guiseley.

Unlike me but in common with his chilled-out partner Mandy, Paul - a proud Coleraine man - is a very accomplished distance runner and both of them have run the Chevin Chase in the past.

"You should do it this year," he enthused, "you'd love it!"

So I entered the race online and told him I'd look forward to seeing him and Mandy on the start line.

"Oh, we're not doing it - bugger that!" he said (or something similar).

The "easy paced  Christmas fun run" turned out to be a seven mile trek straight up into space and back, across muddy fields, dirt tracks, boulders and a tiny bit of tarmac.

And who did I meet at the top of the highest climb yesterday morning?  Yup, Paul and Mandy.  Wrapped up in their winter woollies, as warm as toast.

The good news is that I did get to the end, although my body is getting its own back in some style this morning.

The even better news is that, about two minutes after I arrived back home, Paul and Mandy pulled up outside after making a special trip to say well done.

And then the drink came out. 

 I like stories with a happy ending.