Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The countdown to Christmas (and summer)

Despite today being the shortest day and the countdown to summer officially beginning tomorrow, I am starting to feel particularly Christmassy. 

Never more so than this morning when our milkman brought our first festive pintas.

I have questioned several times in recent months whether paying a bloke on a bike to bring our milk was really the best use of family resources when Morrisons is but a mere sprint away from our house.

But today, I feel happy with our choice and warm towards our milkman.  

That said, two other Christmas moments this year have made me smile even more. 

First was the news that three police cars and a police dog were scrambled to a hotel in Hartlepool - after a row broke out at the local plain clothes detectives Christmas party.

The second was when a man phoned in to a radio programme to relay a conversation he'd just had with his young son. It went like this:
"Daddy? I need to write another letter to Santa."
"Oh, why?"
"You know I asked him for a bike?"
"Well, I don't need one any more."
"What do you mean you don't need one any more?!  Why don't you need one any more?!!!"
"Because I've just found one hidden behind the sofa."