Thursday, 15 December 2011

It's so cold, our ice cream has melted

I was a bit annoyed/downcast/bereft last night, and it was all because of our "big fridge." 

We have two fridges, see.  It's not because we're posh.  In fact, it's the opposite - it's because we can only get a small fridge into our kitchen.  And, upon moving to Guiseley, we put our old/big fridge into our garage.  

Still with me or just bored? Don't answer that.

Last night I paid a visit to our big fridge (pictured above). In fact, I'll be more specific.  I paid a visit to the freezer compartment of our big fridge.

I was after some ice cream - Bailey's Haagen Dazs, since you're asking - which, to my horror, I discovered had gone soft.  A bit of rummaging around soon revealed that everything else in there was also soft.

But how come? I checked the fridge part of our big fridge (i.e. the bit that isn't the freezer compartment) and the light was on.  So it wasn't a power issue. 

Nope, the freezer compartment was kaput and we'd have to buy a whole new big fridge. Just before Christmas. Great!

I even got my laptop out and began investigating what Argos had to offer at a reasonable price. (Answer: very little).

Then I had a thought. Would the fact that the temperature in our garage was around -1C have anything to do with it?  So I checked the user manual, which advised the following: "The fridge-freezer should not be located in a cold place such as an unheated garage, cellar, outhouse or cold kitchen."  Oh good. 

But I read on: "If you cannot avoid locating your fridge-freezer where low temperatures will prevail, you may need to set the thermostat dial to 4 or 5 during the winter months." 

It had actually been set at just below 3, so I knocked it up to 5. 

And tonight...our ice cream is still soft.   As soft as last night?  Hard to tell.  But, by this time tomorrow, we should know for sure what way this riveting tale is going to end.

What an exciting life I lead.