Monday, 5 December 2011

Meet Traffic Bike Lady

Her and me had a night off from him and her on Sunday when we went to Manchester to see Coldplay in concert. A fine evening it was too.
But it started off more than a little bizarrely.

I've had a police escort a couple of times in my life. However, like you I would imagine, I've never had a traffic enforcement officer escort. And I've certainly never had my path cleared by an outrider mounted on a bicycle.

Until last night.

In short, we couldn't find the city centre car park we had a voucher for and ended up totally lost. So I got out to ask a nice lady in a cycling helmet.

I didn't realise at that moment that she carried all the powers of a fully-fledged traffic buster. And she quickly made clear that we would get to our destination. Cars were her thing, after all (even as a professional cyclist).

"Hold on," she said, "I'll take you there. Just give me a minute."

I climbed back into our car to tell Vanessa the good news, before realising that I didn't fully understand what our hero meant by saying "I'll take you there."

"I'd better get in the back," I said, expecting the nice lady to jump in beside Mrs W. 

But I was mistaken.

The next thing we knew, the nice lady had climbed on to her metal steed, rung her bell and was gesturing us to follow her as she began turn the pedals.

And off we went...

...until, five minutes later...

....our car park came into view.

It was one of the most surreal moments of my life, and it was absolutely hilarious.

What a thoroughly nice Traffic Bike Lady she was.