Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Happy birthday to me

First things first - sadly, I won't be making my Ulster rugby debut at Twickenham on Saturday evening. 

I know of three people who fell for what I thought was a pretty lame attempt at an April Fool, one of them being my mum.  I felt ever so slightly crushed when I had to advise her that I remained a washed-up 41-year-old with no prospect of ever being cheered by a big crowd.  Still, I will be at the game, and much more on that in the coming days.

So, back to my birthday on Easter Sunday when many people were very good to me.   

I received the first of two great cakes on Saturday evening, thanks to Vanessa.  Her mum Judy made the other for presentation on my birthday itself, which was incredibly kind. 

I woke up to a sea of presents.

And after doing the Guiseley Gallop 10k trail run (I wanted to feel like I had earned the right to make a mouth of myself later), look who turned up. 

That's right, it's the Coleraine Chuckle Brothers, Wee John and Wee Charlie Fulton who were actually due up on the Saturday - before John got hammered and couldn't drive.  (In truth, he's not much of a driver when he's sober).

Fellow Ulsterman John McIlroy then joined us to sample my overcooked beef and lamb.

And the night ended in the pub with the rugby dads.

Actually, technically the next morning also began with the rugby dads as we were just starting our final pint when the clock struck 12.

Before you say it, yes I am getting too old for this - and just about everything else.  But it doesn't stop it being fun.