Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Turning back the Calendar

Vanessa and I try to keep Jamie and Charlotte informed whenever anything of major historical importance may be happening.   And yesterday was one such occasion.
That's right, Grandad Geoff was back on the telly.

Yorkshire folk of a certain vintage will well remember Geoff's 25-year stint as anchor man of the region's ITV nightly news programme, Calendar
A regular part of the job was to interview the prime minister of the day, including Margaret Thatcher.  And following the death of the Iron Lady yesterday morning, Geoff was invited back onto the sofa to reminisce about his encounters with her.
Such as this one.    

For those not from these parts, yes that is Richard "Twice Nightly" Whiteley on the left.

Jamie and Charlotte were most impressed at the sight of their grandad, who had taken them out to play only hours before.

He's still got (most of) the hair but, the question is, has he still got that jacket?